HyperWorks provides the most comprehensive, open-architecture CAE solution in the industry, including best-in-class modeling, analysis, visualization and data management solutions for linear, nonlinear, structural optimization, fluid-structure interaction, and multi-body dynamics applications.


HyperWorks Benefits Summary

The HyperWorks computer-aided engineering software platform positions an organization to seize opportunity and market share by:

  • Accelerating the ability to respond to changing business conditions.
  • Reducing the costs of deploying state-of-the-art technology, product testing and evaluation, and manufacturing.
  • Producing valuable quantitative information that can be shared throughout the enterprise to facilitate collaboration and decision making.
  • Minimizing risk through superior product design and virtual testing.
  • Spurring organizational creativity by automating computational tasks and freeing staff to devote more time to higher-value work.
  • Improving the capability to address sustainability issues.