SIGMA - Engineering Know-How for the Plastic and Rubber Industry

Knowledge based decisions, not assumptions


Maintaining the lead requires the utmost focus. The challenge is to detect and understand opportunities and ventures. Our solution is simulation. With our product SIGMASOFT® we provide facts and clarification of cause and effect. 

SIGMA means competence in plastics, working side-by-side with customers worldwide, and the commitment to combine physics, technology, and innovation.

We use a worldwide network of industrial and scientific partners to the benefit of our customers. This is our way of seizing ideas, gaining know-how and converting this expertise into solutions that deliver real world value.

Treating our customers' challenges as if they were our own is a way of life for us. Through a personal approach we get to know each company's specific needs and goals. By developing long term relationships we bridge the gap and ensure our technology and expertise will benefit every organization we work with.